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The ​location ​is ​Melbourne ​Florida ​which ​is ​a ​convenient ​distance ​from ​both ​Orlando ​and ​Ft. ​Lauderdale.

Do ​you ​ever ​ask ​yourself ​“What’s ​the ​most ​effective ​way ​to ​treat ​this ​client?” ​and ​you’restumped ​for ​a ​specific ​treatment ​plan ​that ​will ​work?

Have ​you ​decided ​you ​want ​to ​grow ​your ​practice ​beyond ​spa ​treatments?

Do ​you ​want ​to ​focus ​on ​therapy ​techniques ​that ​won’t ​grow ​boring ​or ​stale ​over ​time, ​will
enable ​you ​to ​remain ​strong ​and ​healthy, ​and ​give ​you ​a ​unique ​advantage ​over ​your

Since ​1995, ​thousands ​of ​online ​clients, ​and ​clients ​Julie ​has ​worked ​with ​at ​sporting ​events around ​the ​USA, ​have ​asked ​if ​she ​could ​give ​them ​the ​name ​of ​a ​JMOMT ​therapist ​in ​their area…and ​the ​answer ​has ​always ​been ​“No.” ​ ​Now, ​by ​their ​popular ​demand, ​and ​for ​the ​first time, ​the ​AMTA ​Florida ​Chapter ​is ​offering ​to ​a ​select ​group ​of ​qualified ​massage ​therapists ​these ​innovative ​techniques ​that ​comprise ​the ​Julstro ​Method ​of ​Osteopathic ​Muscular ​Therapy.

You ​are ​invited ​to ​join ​the ​relatively ​small ​handful ​of ​massage ​therapists ​who ​have ​taken ​their practice ​to ​levels ​far ​above ​the ​average. ​JMOMT ​is ​being ​shared ​with ​LMT’s ​who ​have ​chosen to ​be ​internationally ​recognized ​as ​a ​specialist ​in ​the ​treatment ​of ​chronic ​pain ​and ​sports injuries.

It’s ​no ​secret ​that ​too ​many ​of ​the ​courses ​offered ​to ​professional ​therapists ​will ​teach techniques, ​but ​they ​don’t ​explain ​when ​and ​why ​to ​use ​your ​new-found ​knowledge. ​We ​have ​all had ​the ​experience ​of ​attending ​a ​course ​where ​we ​are ​overwhelmed ​with ​information ​on techniques, ​but ​under-whelmed ​with ​the ​ability ​to ​use ​the ​information ​in ​our ​daily ​therapy practice.

  • That’s ​where ​the ​unique ​instructional ​process ​of ​the ​Julstro ​Method ​of ​Osteopathic ​Muscular ​Therapy ​fits ​in!
  • The ​class ​size ​will ​be ​kept ​at ​a ​minimum ​so ​each ​therapist ​has ​ample, ​individualized instruction ​time.
  • Each ​attendee ​will ​have ​sufficient ​hands-on ​practice ​time ​to ​be ​comfortable ​with ​the ​new material.
  • Handout ​materials ​will ​include ​photographs ​of ​each ​technique ​so ​you ​can ​review ​it ​when you ​get ​back ​to ​your ​office.
  • Each ​section ​of ​the ​handout ​materials ​will ​list ​the ​conditions ​that ​are ​treated ​with ​the techniques ​covered ​in ​that ​section.
  • All ​work ​is ​done ​through ​clothes, ​and ​without ​using ​your ​thumbs.

As ​a ​special ​bonus ​offered ​to ​AMTA ​Florida ​Chapter ​attendees ​only, ​Julie ​has ​agreed ​to ​include ​two ​phone ​sessions ​to ​help ​you ​if ​you ​have ​a ​client ​who ​has ​multiple ​pain-issues ​that ​hasn’t ​responded ​to ​previous ​techniques. ​This ​offer ​is ​good ​for ​six ​months ​from ​the ​date ​of ​the ​class.

Your ​16 ​CE ​hour ​class ​will ​include ​treatments ​that ​are ​beneficial ​for ​clients ​who ​have:

  • ​Whiplash
  • ​Severe ​tension ​headache
  • ​Carpal ​tunnel ​syndrome ​– ​Hand/Wrist ​pain ​and ​numbness
  • ​Rotator ​cuff ​injuries
  • ​Frozen ​shoulder
  • ​Golf/Tennis/Briefcase ​elbow
  • ​Low ​back ​pain
  • ​Hip/Groin ​pain
  • ​Sciatica
  • ​ITB ​syndrome
  • ​Knee ​pain, ​including ​stiff ​knee
  • ​Shinsplints
  • ​Sprained ​ankle
  • ​Plantar ​fasciitis
  • ​Residual ​pain ​after ​a ​repaired ​broken ​bone

This ​is ​a ​class ​you’ll ​want ​to ​be ​sure ​to ​attend!

July ​7, ​2018 ​Upper ​Body: ​Techniques ​taught ​for ​the ​neck, ​shoulders, ​arms, ​upper-mid ​back, upper ​chest. ​

Suggested: ​Review ​the ​following ​muscles:

  • Scalenes
  • Sternocleidomastoid
  • Levator ​Scapulae
  • Trapezius
  • Pectoralis ​Minor ​& ​Major
  • Erector ​Spinae
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • SITS ​muscles
  • Flexors
  • Extensors

July ​8, ​2018 ​Lower ​Body: ​Techniques ​taught ​for ​the ​low ​back, ​hips, ​legs, ​feet

Suggested: ​Review ​the ​following ​muscles:

  • Psoas
  • Iliacus
  • Quadratus ​Lumborum
  • Tensor ​Fascia ​Lata
  • Pectineus
  • Lateral ​Rotators
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Tibialis ​Anterior
  • Peroneals
  • Gastrocnemius


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