Our 2017 Annual Meeting was January 21st and elections were held.  Laurel Freeman did an excellent job as Commissioner on Candidacy and was recognized by the Board.  Also, thank you to our teller committee that did a fantastic job as well!  Marsha McKelvey, Angela Shaffer, and Dawn McCartney presented the membership with the slate of officers and delegates.

Elected to office: Lia Baker, Board Member (2017-2019) Stephanie Simpson, Secretary (2017-2018), Karen Roth, Financial Administrator (2017-2019)

Delegates – 2 year term: Jessica Sward (2017-2019), Jennifer Washington (2014-2019), Stephanie Simpson (2017-2019)

Alternate Delegates – 1 year term: Jean Pierre DeBarros, Laurel Freeman, Matt Florio, Joe Festante, Karen Roth

A huge thank you to James Specker, Government & Industry Relations Director from AMTA National, for coming to observe and build relationships with our Florida Chapter as well as the Florida Board of Massage during the General Business meeting in St. Augustine January 26th and 27th.

News from Tallahassee, Janet Mabry, Lobbyist

Elections are over and committees have been staffed and meetings have begun.  Committees that are of paramount interest to AMTA are the following:

Senate: Banking and Insurance chaired by Senator Anitere Flores.  This committee will handle the issues of Workers Compensation and the repeat of PIP and implementation of Mandatory Bodily Injury.  Already workshops have been held on workers compensation and a workshop on MBI was held on January 24th.

Health Policy chaired by Senator Dana Young.  This committee will be in charge of any legislation that is filed that will impact health care providers, including any legislation to Chapter 480, our licensing act.  This committee is also in charge of implementation of the Florida Constitution Amendment 2; Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions.  An initial discussion was held December 13, 2016.

The House committees that will be handling these issues are:

House: Insurance and Banking chaired by Representative Burgess, handling MBI (Mandatory Bodily Injury) and WC (Workers Compensation).  The Health Quality Subcommittee chaired by Representative and MD Cary Pigman, handling all Chapter (if filed) 480 legislation nd Department of Health legislation and Implementation of amendment 2 legislation.  They too have begun workshops with the first held on January 11th.

  1. Legislation has begun to be filed but as of yet there is no filed legislation to Chapter 480.  Legislation that is already on our monitoring list.  Which means we are keeping an eye on it for amendments but feel it has not actual impact on our profession as filed include:

    1. SB 156 by Senator Brandes; repeals PIP in 2020 but offers no replacement

    2. SB 114 by Senator Brandes cosmetic product registration.

  2. Board of Massage presented proposed legislation at their December Board meeting.  It was on their agenda for the January 26th and 27th General Business meeting but wasn’t discussed.  The Board traditionally doesn’t file separate legislation but rather asks for certain provisions to be included in the Department bill.  We are monitoring both the Board of Massage meetings and ultimately the Department legislation and those sections that may pertain to Chapter 480.