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Number of CEs: 16
Instructor: Allyson Hopkins
Students should bring:

  • Table
  • Sheets
  • Bolster
  • Pen/Pencil

Neural Reset Therapy® is a fun and easy (on both therapist and client) approach to getting rid of muscular pain and tightness NRT is the unique application of pain-free stimuli which elicit an inhibition (relaxation) response from the nervous system to a target muscle which “resets’ or down-regulates the tonus of that muscle to “normal.” This restores circulation,
releases tension and pain is gone.

In this class, the students will learn to palpate an area for tenderness, tickle or tightness, identify the muscle or muscle group involved, and apply the proper technique and application method to reset the muscle to its optimal resting length.

NRT can be performed anywhere, since the client does not need to be disrobed, doesnot use oils or lotions, and can be performed on anyone from the very young to the very old, as long as they can follow simple directions. One of the techniques taught will be the “twin” reset, which allows for the therapist to work on the opposite side of the body from the target muscle, allowing for treatment to extremely tender or painful areas, and to treat “phantom pain” from missing limbs.

This class covers the upper body, which includes the muscles that span the area from
T-12 to C-1, as well as muscles of the TMJ and neck.