Jul30th, 2019

New Florida Law Requires Public Education on Massage for Pain

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  Florida just took a major step forward with recognizing massage as an accepted approach to pain management. The state passed a new law that requires the Department of Health to develop and publish an online educational pamphlet on the use of non-opioid alternatives for pain, including massage therapy. The publication will need to include information about the advantages of each non-opioid approach, with references on its efficacy. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) applauds the foresight of this legislature which will make a difference in how the residents of Florida view their options for pain care and management, with a clear endorsement of massage therapy. Nationally, in February of 2019 the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension Committee (H.E.L.P) held a hearing on the opioids crisis in the country, which was focused on approaches to pain other than opioids. AMTA’s representative attended the session where testimony was given

Apr23rd, 2019

Did you know…

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Did you know…YOUR national AMTA membership automatically assigns you to the chapter in the state you live? Based on the address you register with you belong to that states’ chapter…with NO EXTRA DUES payable! Did you know…YOUR Florida chapter provides continuing education classes for its members? We provide continuing education at a discounted rate for our members! We do this through out the year, all over the state. Check out our events page on www.amtaflorida.org to see all of our upcoming classes! Did you know…YOUR Board members are all volunteers? We are voted in by YOU, the members! Each of us have “day jobs” and have chosen to devote some of our time to further enhance our beloved field of Massage Therapy. Thank you to allwho voted, this is YOUR board! Did you know…YOUR Board cares about what you have to say? We welcome ALL feedback, suggestions, comments and concerns.

Jan31st, 2018

Welcome to the AMTA Florida Chapter’s new website!

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We have been working very hard this past year to improve our communication with membership, and this website tops the cake! We aim to bring you organized information, informative and timely news posts, easily understood education events and access to board of directors information. Our favorite aspects of the new amtaflorida.org are the Committees page and the Calendar. The Committees page is pleasantly organized and beneficial to review. You can understand what your Board of Directors and Volunteers do for Florida state chapter of AMTA. After familiarizing yourself with the functioning of AMTA Florida, please consider volunteering you time. We hope to continue building our AMTA-FL team in order expand chapter benefits and networking opportunities in regards to location and frequency. Our new calendar provides an easily updated and user friendly system to keep you informed as Education or Networking events are organized. You can browse future or past events

Sep2nd, 2017

AMTA Florida’s Efforts at FIU Shelter After Hurricane Irma

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Like the somber memories of Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Irma will be one of those weather events remembered for the impact it left on the residents of Florida. Bracing for its impact, the State of Florida exercised a great preparation and response plan, especially for those counties expected to endure the major brunt of the storm. Florida International University availed its campus in order to shelter a number of Key West residents, and no sooner were they cleared to return home, Hurricane Maria devastated the islands of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and a number of others, forcing the evacuation of a significant number of residents, many patients with significant medical needs. The following is a snapshot of how AMTA found a role in the disaster response phase, supporting the medical teams assigned to tend to this emerging crisis, highlighting the fact that massage therapy has a significant impact and role