Hi, my name is Jean-Pierre and I serve as the Florida Chapter’s Financial Advisor as well as the Chair for Community Outreach.  I have been an active volunteer of the Florida Chapter since 2016, not long after graduating from the Acupuncture and Massage College here in Miami.  Though I am technically new to the field of massage therapy, I have a 30+ years extensive healthcare background having worked in cardia rehab, spinal cord and stroke rehab, all of which have helped him become a fine tuned therapist.  With a masters in healthcare administration (’96), I’ve been able to merge the clinical and management worlds into one, having a greater understanding of the ‘us vs them’ dichotomy that usually takes place in the healthcare delivery world.

My passion for the field of massage therapy stems from my love for direct patient care.  Massage has given me the opportunity to get back into therapeutic care.  I am an officer within the U.S. Public Health Service and am coming up on a 20 year career.  As a uniformed officer I served in multiple financial background positions in three U.S. Govt agencies (DOD, DHS, HHS).  Close to six years in the financial field has proven to be very beneficial to my current role as Financial Advisor.
I have a passion for professional/career development and would like to use the AMTA Florida Chapter as a platform to provide fellow therapists an opportunity for growth.

If there is any way that you think I can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]