Marc’s career path over the past two decades has taken him from Tempe Arizona, where he attended the University of Advancing Technology (UAT), specializing in Software Engineering and its relation to Technology and Society, Legal Issues in Technology, and Ethics in Technology to the Massage Therapy Industry where he attended school in Metairie Louisiana at Blue Cliffs College for Massage.

He was employed in Tempe by the award-winning domain registration company where Marc went from customer service representative to working in human resources & development creating and teaching classes for Godaddy’s new associates.

Prior to studying Software Engineering and Internet Development, he worked at Yosemite National Park in California for Delaware North Company as Corporate Trainer, where he developed online training manuals for each department of the park, including all operations of hotel, restaurant, resort, retail and hospitality services.

In 2005, he founded NOLAGraphics, a New Orleans-based web development and digital marketing agency focused on providing technology solutions to individual and corporate clients in the New Orleans market. Marc’s clients included: The Louisiana Judicial College; the Election Campaign for District Attorney of St. Tammany Parish, Warren Montgomery; and Tulane University Department of Media Design, where, with Media Arts Department Program Director Paul Greenberg he helped establish the Media Arts Public Advisory Board. Marc was a member of the advisory board for five years, and helped establish and promote a series of suggested criteria for recognition and implementation of industry standards, currents and trends.

Since his appointment as Marketing Chair for the Massage Therapy Association of Florida, Marc has jumped in with both feet and already is engaged in several projects designed to implement technology into the regular business and tasks of the organization.  He has moved our local Chapter, to the Google Cloud, utilizing additional business tools within GSuite. He also began the process of revamping the association’s website, thereby providing not only a new look, but more importantly, providing for ease of use, allowing for Board Members, as well as local membership and volunteers to stay in touch and become more engaged within the community of the Florida Chapter. 

Marc is particularly excited about the potential to assist in advancing legislation to further the cause of Massage Therapy in the United States. Marc completed the American Massage Therapy Association Chapter Leadership Training at the 2017 National Convention in Pasadena, California. Through this initiative, Marc has developed professional relationships with board members from state chapters of Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Vermont and Alaska, with whom he discusses issues of concern within the massage therapy community.

By collaborating with AMTA lobbyists and meeting with state and federal legislators, he is dedicated to specifically focusing on the legislative issues that affect the Florida and Southeast region. Building on these relationships with our national leadership, Marc anticipates their becoming invaluable resources of communication and continued development for our Florida Chapter of Massage Therapy Association.

Marc has proven to be a great asset to our Florida Chapter through his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. It is his hopes, as an AMTA Chapter Team Board Member, to: enact his vision of expanding Educational Programs Online; provide liaison within Florida State Chapters and between other state chapters; afford technological assistance to new members; assist in development of expanded membership; and develop programs for greater community awareness of the values and resources of Massage Therapy.    

Thank You Kindly,
Marc Bernard Juneau, LMT